Jurjen Poot iSaus

Jurjen started tattooing in 2016, not in the old fashion way or in the way the scene wants to see it, but just by tattooing his mates and him self. When it got more seriously, he started to make contact with other artists and was eager to learn all about their tips and tricks. 

His passion for the Polynesian style started to develop in 2010 when he receive his own Polynesian inspired tattoo from the master Rob Deut. From that point on he wanted to learn more about the patterns, styles and meaning of the symbols by means of studying books, doing research on the world wide web and continuously asking and talking to other artists and enthusiasts. Besides this, he started visiting ethnographic musea in order to inspire him by the patterns from the ancient masters.

Jurjen was and is always busy designing, sketching and developing his own handwriting and style while blending a mixture of styles to complete a beautiful, meaningful tattoo for you.