Get it yourself:

– Bepanthen Zalf!

Sanex 0% or something similar

– Moisturizer from Nivea plain or with Aloe Vera

– A roll of cling film and tape

Shave the skin the day before the tattoo appointment, to prevent even more irritation, drink at least 1 liter of apple juice, NO alcohol / drugs, eat well and ensure a good night’s sleep!

Make sure you have a good meal on the day and bring some for in between, and most importantly:

Looking forward to!

Remove the foil I have applied after a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 24 hours after application. The longer you let it sit the first time, the better! This so that your skin can “rest”.

After removing the foil, wash the tattooed skin. The first time you do this carefully with your hand and preferably unscented soap (Sanex 0% or similar). After this, rinse your tattooed skin with water as hot as possible, only do this the first time, this will help the skin to heal faster.

After washing, pat the tattoo dry with a clean towel! Do not rub !! And let your fresh tattoo air for about 30 minutes.

Now the “packing process” starts. First you lubricate the tattoo lightly with Bepanthen zalf (the less, the better) make sure that the entire tattoo is covered, then wrap it with cling film. This so that your skin does not stick to your clothes and bedding. (If you get a rash it means that you use too much ointment) Do not wrap the foil too tightly around your body part for a good blood flow. You do this “wrapping process” for 3 days and you change in the morning and in the evening.

After the 3 days of packing, apply moisturizer from Nivea like twice a day (if the skin feels dry then just apply) to keep the tattooed skin supple and quickly return it to its old condition, only now with an awesome tattoo on it!


-Stay out of the sun with your fresh tattoo for at least 2 weeks!

If you go sunbathing after 2 weeks, apply a high protection factor to let your skin get used to the sunburn.

-No swimming, sauna or weeks for at least 2 weeks!

When itching, do not scratch, but “slap” with a flat hand! You will see that the itching decreases. When scratching you get scar tissue or pigment (white spots) so an ugly healed tattoo!

I do my best to apply a tight tattoo as possible, the aftercare is for your self !!